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Speaking in tongues

The word of God in 1Cor.14:4 says “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself …”
Speaking in other tongues is essential for a Christian. It stirs you up to be sensitive at picking signals in the spirit.
Praying in other tongues edifies (builds/emboldens) you.
When praying in tongues, you set the ball rolling in the realm of the spirit; angels can be dispatched to work in your behalf as the case may be, the Holy Spirit intercedes for you with groaning that can not be uttered. This surely is an effective way to make all things work together for your advantage.
Praying in tongues helps to put the events of your future in their perfect place, some of which your mind can’t comprehend now.
Spend time every day praying in tongues, let it become your culture and I assure you that your path in life will be smooth all the way, you will always be on top of the game in all areas of life.


Speaking God’s Word

Word addiction doesn’t just end at reading the word; it is about skillful the application of spiritual truth

God’s word is spirit, we live in a spiritual world and should as spirits in the spirit by the Spirit and through the Spirit………..in summary let the Spirit envelope you(r life). Gal 5:16- “Walk in the Spirit”.

As Gods word is spirit, speaking it, is speaking spirit. Speaking the word is not “praying the word, it is the conscious and continuous ability to proclaim and declare spiritual truth, whether in prayer or otherwise
The bible likens the tongue to a rudder James 3: 4-5 ( a small object that moves a Big ship), if words are so powerful, how much Gods word………… remember, The power of the word is the power of God because God can do whatever he (his word) says.
At some point, all we have to do is speak the word.

There is speaking in the Spirit (Holy Spirit), and there is speaking spirit (Gods Word)
Speaking Gods word, you causes God to act according to your faith. Understand that this is not just when challenges arise…….. when the enemy comes…… the Spirit would raise a standard
Do not let your standard be raised when the enemy gets to you, continue to keep that standard raised and that is by speaking what you want to see and speaking against what you don’t want to see.
Whatever you bind on earth and lose, is the same in heaven…….. let’s break this down….. This world is spirit originated, so it is not what you bind in the physical that heaven agrees, it is what you bind on earth in the spirit.

At this point JUST SPEAK THE WORD- Mat 8:8

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