Daily Archives: August 5, 2012

Information is Power


The two above scriptures give credence to the fact that the word of God is His children’s addiction. It is our source of power and light. It is said that information is power, therefore we can say that the word is power. I would like to make reference to this movie series “24”, you would find out the importance/value of information. The singular fact that you know something can keep you alive and that you don’t can kill and vice versa. Permit me to say that the month of August is a month of information addiction.

What do you know and don’t know?  And what is the value of that which you know and don’t know? The value is your commanding power.  We are kingdom people from a higher kingdom with kingdom principles. So it is paramount that you start knowing the kingdom secrets & information that will give you a pass anywhere and everywhere you go. You cannot come to the full realization of who you are in Christ without kingdom secrets and information which are derived from the word of God.

Get to the word, sip it out, draw it out, engage in the word. By engaging the word, I mean sit down with the word (eat it), meditate (regurgitate it), confess it, see it, imagine it and believe it.

Picture and believe the word in your heart.

Confess it with your mouth

If you do this, you’ll get addicted to the word.


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