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Gen 26:22-Isaac moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.”

Reading Genesis 26:19-22, we find out that Isaac moved to another land, there his servants dug the ground and found fresh water,  but the people of the land claimed it, his servants dug again, but the people of the land claimed it also- but then Isaac moved from there and dug another well and no one quarreled over it. On normal terms every ground is a soil, but for a farmer only specific grounds carry soil that would benefit planting. Everywhere is good, somewhere is better; your place is the best. Isaac had to move to where God had made room for him, when God makes room for you to flourish nobody can hinder it.

When you walk with God, He works for you and so it is left to us to always yield to his directive. No matter how much you know, God knows best. Don’t try your luck, follow Gods will. Life is more of choices than of chances. Don’t stick to one place, stick to God’s place, and He’ll SURELY make room for you




Ever Increasing Faith

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of increase and if there is one thing God wants is the increase of his children. When Jesus said words like O Ye of little faith he means that he expects his followers and disciples to get to a greater level of understanding of His word thereby exercising belief at a greater dimension all because they’ve been with him more, that’s all increase in faith is all about.

Wouldn’t it be strange if a student in the Higher Institution would not be able to answer an Elementary school exam question just because he has spent more time in the school system and expected to have passed that Elementary level.

Absolute Faith in God h3080710762_870b4fd94a_bas to become increase over time as you understand more of God and his ways. At some point you would say Jesus was hard on his disciples on this faith issue but put yourself in Jesus’ shoes, as a teacher, would you be happy if your students are not responding in line with the effort you are putting.

Desire increase in understanding of God’s word, Put the Word to work and you would see God’s response in a greater dimension

Faith is not the Key- God is

God is not God if all you need is faith, but God is God because faith depends on God

Faith is not the end but the means to an end-

Don’t just try to build your faith, only move into maturity with God and your faith would automatically increase. Our walk on this earth is Characterized by faith-  the just shall live by Faith Rom 1:7…….  our walk with God is characterized by faith- without Faith it is impossible to please God- Heb 11:6

Our blessings in this world are characterized by faith… Faith is the substance of things hoped for Heb 11:1

Faith works correspondingly with our walk with God. It is only normal for the eldest son in the house to receive more of the father’s wealth.  This maturity is not on the number of years you have walked on this earth as a Christian but on the length of time you’ve walked with God


Your Faith- and God’s Faith

Big faith, small faith, great faith and all the other levels and processes of faith we have categorized all have one similar component FAITH. According to God (through his word) we know that;
If we have faith like a mustard seed….. we can move mountains- Luk 17:6, Mat 17:20
Realistically the faith that would move a mountain is not a small faith (at all) so can mustard (leveled) faith actually move mountain…. To answer this question- can a DAVID actually kill a GOLIATH- a big NO

3050307072_c298faf2d2_bAll God wants is Faith (if you can have that of a mustard seed- it’s acceptable), but all God wants is absolute faith- absolute faith in the absolute God produces absolute results
You don’t necessary have to have an enormous faith, all you need is faith. A small faith in a big God produces big results. All a small David needed was a Great God to bring down a seemingly big Goliath.

All you have to do is- have faith in God- and he would not disappoint….

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