Ever Increasing Faith

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of increase and if there is one thing God wants is the increase of his children. When Jesus said words like O Ye of little faith he means that he expects his followers and disciples to get to a greater level of understanding of His word thereby exercising belief at a greater dimension all because they’ve been with him more, that’s all increase in faith is all about.

Wouldn’t it be strange if a student in the Higher Institution would not be able to answer an Elementary school exam question just because he has spent more time in the school system and expected to have passed that Elementary level.

Absolute Faith in God h3080710762_870b4fd94a_bas to become increase over time as you understand more of God and his ways. At some point you would say Jesus was hard on his disciples on this faith issue but put yourself in Jesus’ shoes, as a teacher, would you be happy if your students are not responding in line with the effort you are putting.

Desire increase in understanding of God’s word, Put the Word to work and you would see God’s response in a greater dimension


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