Faith is not the Key- God is

God is not God if all you need is faith, but God is God because faith depends on God

Faith is not the end but the means to an end-

Don’t just try to build your faith, only move into maturity with God and your faith would automatically increase. Our walk on this earth is Characterized by faith-  the just shall live by Faith Rom 1:7…….  our walk with God is characterized by faith- without Faith it is impossible to please God- Heb 11:6

Our blessings in this world are characterized by faith… Faith is the substance of things hoped for Heb 11:1

Faith works correspondingly with our walk with God. It is only normal for the eldest son in the house to receive more of the father’s wealth.  This maturity is not on the number of years you have walked on this earth as a Christian but on the length of time you’ve walked with God



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