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Confession is defined as a formal profession of belief.
What’s your belief! What do you ponder on! What do you imagine and even expect of your life!

Prov. 7:23 says ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…’ This rightly means that you become a product of your thoughts. Your thoughts are affected by what you believe and what you believe is a reflection of what you feed on. Rightly put – when a man’s confession is faulty, his thoughts are, when his thoughts are, his belief system is and this is a result of the kind of things that go into such a man.

You need to start talking right today, but to do that, start thinking right. Watch the kind of things you feed(your mind) on. Mold your belief system with the right information.
The right information can be gotten from the Bible, listening to and/or watching the right messages, reading the right books, and even keeping the right company (Prov. 13:20).
You’d do your self a whole lot of good to speak the right words.
As a Christian, your words are creative and powerful. So always speak the right words!


Genesis 33: 1-4

The book of Genesis chapter 27 gives us a prelude to the incidence that brought enmity between Esau and Jacob. In the 32nd and 33rd Chapters of Genesis, we see the steps Jacob took to reconcile with his brother. Jacob asked God for help and that God should touch the heart of Esau that he might find grace in his eyes. This provoked more blessings upon Jacob’s life. Many children of God live in hatred and unforgiveness instead of walking in love as God commanded us to. You can’t get God to do things on your own terms. Reconciliation and forgiveness might just be exactly what you need for that desired business exploit. It may be hard, but just let go of the wrong-done to you. It may seem difficult, but just go and ask for forgiveness. It would bring peace and set you up for great exploits in life and business. God bless you.


Genesis 28:20-22; Genesis 35:1-2,7,11; Malachi 3:8-12
If you’re being following this series, you’ll remember that the first two “SECRETS OF JACOB’S BUSINESS EXPLOITS” was “PROMISE” and “UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES AND SEASONS”. Today, we’ll be looking at the third one, remembering your vows. Jacob remembered his vow unto the Lord God which he made at Bethel. Many people today in the heat of a crisis or in dire need of God’s intervention make vows unto God, but when their desires are granted, they forget to redeem their vows. Ecclesiastes 5:6 tells not to be in haste to make any vow because it can affect the works of our hands if not fulfilled. If you want to succeed in business with great exploits then fulfill your vows made unto the Lord God and he would cause his face to shine on you.

THE SECRETS OF JACOB’S BUSINESS EXPLOITS: Understanding The times And Success (2)

2) Principle of Growth

When we look at Genesis 30:25, we would discover that Jacob had 12 children from his two wives and their two maids. He knew he had grown beyond living under the hospitality of his father-in-law. It was time for Him to grow. As believers, we must understand the times and seasons, we must know when to continue service at a particular level and when to grow to another of level. Jacob grew from service unto his father-in-law to service unto God and his family.
We can also understand the times and seasons in life and “surf the night wave” in life by the help of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit is my helper and my guide; By Him I understand the times and the seasons and by Him I therefore take the right steps to surf the right waves of change in Jesus Name. Amen.

THE SECRETS OF JACOB’S BUSINESS EXPLOITS: Understanding The times And Success (1)

Jacob understood two things which are:

– Principle of Service/Servant hood

– Principle of Growth

1) Principle of Service/Servant hood

He understood that there’s a time for you to be a servant and you would have to serve a master and be faithful at it. Many individuals today want to own very big businesses which they lack the technical know-how to manage. Many possess what is called “an unteachable spirit” i.e. a spirit that does not want to be taught or a person that does not want to humble and learn through service. Jacob did not say, “I have a very rich father, Isaac why should I work for my uncle.” It is most for us to utilize whatever capacity. God has endowed us with to serve.


There are trade secrets and principles behind every business exploit. Jacob operated principles and properly utilized the trade secrets.

Jacob had the promise of God functional and actively operational in his life. Jacob’s success in business was by the promise of God. As children of the Almighty God and by faith, descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we have this same promise at work in our lives. Halleluyah!!!
Be bold and courageous, go out and perform that which has been committed to you do. Jacob’s father blessed him. Jacob’s brother was against him and hated him, so you’re not the first one with issues in your family. The family issues in Jacob’s life did not stop him from having great business exploits, because he had the promise of God working in his life.
Get the promises of God working in your life. Receive the promise and believe the promise then work with it.

Tongue Therapy-3

The book of Proverbs 18: 21 says ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit’.
This is a simple but yet powerful scripture.
It means your choice of either Life OR Death is made with your tongue. Your tongue has power.
What choice have you made with your tongue, do the words you speak give birth to life or do they allow death lurk around you.

Start speaking the right words friend! Words that edify, words that give birth to life, words that promote success around you.
Bless yourself and people around you with your tongue, never speak death, instead certify life with the power of your tongue.
Start speaking right!

Tongue therapy (2)

Another interesting therapy for the tongue would be studied today.
From 1 Peter 3:10, it says ‘For he who would love life And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking deceit.’

Now deceit means – the act or practice of deceiving; concealment or distortion of the truth for the purpose of misleading; duplicity; fraud; cheating.
It is clear what deceit means. It is equally interesting to note that any man that uses his tongue in a foolish manner as stated in the above scripture is heading for doom.
Where are you heading friend, it had better be the path of life. Use your tongue wisely!
When you speak the right words, you give life to good over evil.
Decide to always speak the right words, speak the truth in every situation and above all, do things to sponsor good over evil.

You are the light of the world, therefore shine in truth.

Tongue therapy

The tongue is a powerful weapon
It can give life…. and it can also cause doom!

Now he that; speaks words that edify, speaks words that administer grace to the hearer is wise.
Col. 4:6 Says  Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

There is a way the wise will use their tongue in every situation. There is what to say and what will be better -off if not said.
The wise is nudged by the Spirit of God within and doesn’t use the tongue wrongly. The wise knows how to speak soft words that can avert wrath. You must know that – A soft answer turns away wrath: but a harsh word stir up anger. (Prov. 15:1)
Be wise, friend! make up your mind to never foment trouble.


It’s quite interesting that with this tool called the tongue, you can both bless and curse. (James 3:9).
Hmmm, really. But that’s definitely true…
Now see, scriptures in Prov. 15:1 says ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.’ This means the wrong use of the tongue can cause big trouble. And any man that uses his tongue in the wrong manner displays foolishness.

Now what category do you fall.
The wise that speaks words that edify and brings peace OR the one that speaks evil and causes big trouble.
If you fall in the latter, there’s a solution…

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