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Move on

Job 8:7 – Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
This is a word of encouragement from the Spirit of God to you.
Don’t be discouraged at your present level in business, keep moving on. You’ll definitely get better.
Keep working and don’t relent.
If you have to change your strategy and approach at business, do but never stop working.
If you must improve your skill at business, do but don’t quit.
Friend, you’ll get to that place of fulfillment in your business.
Just keep at it!


Start that idea

The story of Noah’s response to God’s instruction about building an ark is worth learning from.
God instructed Noah to build an ark, and gave him the specifications that were required for the ark. Imagine, it hadn’t rained on the earth for a period. Noah became the mockery of the town, because they just couldn’t see any sense in building an ark when there hadn’t been rain for a while. But he went on all the same and obeyed, he and his family were the better for it as they enjoyed safety from destruction due to the flood.
What should we learn?
– You can get an idea from God and at first the likelihood of that idea becoming a reality might be very little and even at that you might feel discouraged. What do you do then, you START! Initiate the execution of that idea, don’t look at the impossibility, as long as that idea has been conceived within you, it can become a reality if you want it to.
– The people made mockery of Noah because they couldn’t see what he saw, you shouldn’t expect everybody around you to see what you are seeing, therefore don’t be deterred by the negative things people see or say about your idea.
You’ll definitely be the better for it when that idea doesn’t die with you. And you can be sure that those that made a mockery of the idea initially will celebrate you when they see it working.
Start now, stop any procrastination and making of excuses.

Handling Mistakes

When a man receives the leading of the Holy Spirit and responds as appropriate, he can’t make any mistake. When you always acknowledge Him all the step of the way, He will tell you what to do. It’s also interesting to know that even if you fail to ask him before making a decision, He can tell you what you should do (He is even more particular about your doing what’s right than you are). He is a loving Father. Cash-in on this today.
Per adventure you had made mistakes, that’s not the end of your story. As a Christian for instance, you can settle down and pray in the Spirit and things will change and what seemed to have been a mistake will suddenly work in your advantage.
Don’t stay biting your finger over a mistake, don’t remain in the valley.
Arise today and take charge!

Short concept on having Money

Are you so anxious to get money, do you want to make it by all means, whether by hook or crook! Then you need to be sure of what you are about to get into. In Prov. 13:11, the bible says- Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase. So if you’re out to make money by any illegal means, either by swindling people or defrauding an organization or what have you, then think well, because you’ll definitely relapse into lack and poverty. In fact this state of downfall will be worst because, it is so shameful to have a “once upon a time wealthy man” who has now become broke.
Here is the concept, Instead of getting anxious about being wealthy, sit and imbibe scriptural principles on how to become productive in life, how to add value which in turn can add some value to your pocket (*smiles*), how to bring forth solutions to meet the needs of people. I want you to know that you have something to offer that will enhance your profitability. Search it out today and grow in it, through labour (productive work). With this, you’ll definitely have money.


Are you complaining that you’ve been out of job for a while, and you’ve not found one ever since you lost your former one – due to your poor attitude towards your work? You might just need to make up your mind to put up a better attitude at work before getting one.
First of all, imbibe this in you – whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all thy might. It’s only the diligent at work that becomes great in his business. Prov. 22:29
Second thing to note is – poverty becomes the lot of any one that has slack hands. Scriptures say in Prov. 10:4 “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.”
Therefore get busy, what you have in hand as your business, do it diligently and with the aim of becoming great in it. Don’t have slack hands at work, don’t be lazy!


Psalm 107:22 -“And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing.”

Many people would rather complain than see any good in any seemingly negative situation. For example, you missed or didn’t get an opportunity which you considered an opportunity of a lifetime and then you begin to complain; instead of giving thanks to God for the opportunities He blessed you with previously. The children of Israel that left Egypt wandered in the wilderness for forty years because they complained and murmured instead of giving God thanks.
It was NEVER recorded in the scriptures that a certain individual gave thanks to God and God’s wrath immediately fell on such one. There are numerous benefits in thanksgiving; it is a sure way to flourish consistently. Consistent thanksgiving is a sure way to flourish consistently.
In Matthew 14:16-21, Jesus took five loaves and two fishes gave thanks and there was multiplication. In 1Kings 3:4-5, Solomon gave thanks via sacrifice to God and God visited Him. Solomon flourished beyond the imagination of the men in His days. Search out a reason to give God thanks in every situation.


It’s so wonderful to know that any man that has the Holy Spirit living in him is guaranteed a master key to prosperity.
The Holy Spirit is the seal of prosperity.
The Holy Spirit is the very presence of God. He is the omnipresent nature of God. Looking through scriptures, from 2 Samuel 6:10-11, we see the story of a man called Obededom the Gittite. At first he was not really reckoned with in Israel, but something happened that changed his life forever. The ark of the Lord (which signified God’s presence) was brought into his house, and in no time, a blessing of prosperity began to manifest in his house and all that pertained to him. The news spread all over Israel, his story immediately changed for good.
Therefore I assure you, once you have the Spirit of God within you, you have the sure guarantee of prospering whether you like it or not. Be conscious of this!


Slow and steady…. Use wisdom, use discretion, don’t jump into opportunities or make quick judgment, but take time to reason. Remember, not everything that looks good, is good. Try to see the wrong in every right and the right in every wrong until you reach a level where you are certain that this is right and this is wrong. Life is like a game of chess, is not about how fast you play, but how well you play. Speed is not bad, but stability is better. God has given you wisdom, use it.


Some time ago, I had fasted for a while and it appeared as though I looked so lean and emaciated. I bothered a little because when I got back home everybody was so concerned. In fact they taught I was sick.
I took this up considering it as an urgent issue because I really wanted to get back in shape as quick as possible to end their worries at home. So while I was praying, the Holy Ghost ministered to me from Romans 8:11, and laid emphasis on “MORTAL BODY” as meaning physical body. There and then I became conscious to the fact that the presence of the Holy Spirit in me would lead to a supernatural effect on my physical body. I was so glad I had found the secret; I kept confessing “I am fresh because the Holy Spirit is in me” and in no time, within few days I was looking so fresh.
By this secret, I became aware that even if I fasted for so long for instance, people won’t have to detect that from looking at me because it won’t show on me.
The Holy Spirit in you is your guarantee to sound health and a quickened body!


Romans 10:17- “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

When we study God’s word or we discuss with God in prayer; we know and understand His way and will for every of our endeavours. Many people believe God is a spirit and so we should not bother Him with issues concerning relationship, business, career and so on. God is much more interested in the issues of your life than you can ever possibly know. This is one reason He desires fellowship with us, so we can discuss them with Him. Can you imagine what it would be like when you discuss everything with God before take any step!!! You would naturally flourish in everything you do because He would guide you.
What a wonderful life you would live!!!

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