Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

Consistency in the Word

Being consistent is a major key to becoming addicted to Gods word 1st cor 15:58 tells us to be steadfast, imovable, ALWAYS ABIDING. no matter how many chapters you read in a day, no matter how may minutes or hours you pray in a day be consistent because in consistency lies the power.


The ability of God’s word



 God’s word has the ability to make you what it talks about, but the question is, how well do you get acquainted with this book of wonders
The bible speaking in Josh. 1 vs. 8 about holding this book close to you and the benefits and rewards you will get from it. The thing is the time you give the word will determine opportunities and chances the world will give you because the word controls everything. Jn. 1 Let’s all go to the drawing board and give ourselves continually to God’s word Acts 6 vs. 4) and know what God’s word says concerning your life, family, marriage, health, academics, then believe and hold on to it
My Father and Mentor once told me, study and know what God’s word says about you, so that in the near future, you’ll stand strong and firm not being tossed around..

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