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The Holy Spirit told me this: prophecy is speaking the mind of God over an issue. To prophesy is to speak under divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Prophecy comes from the Holy Spirit, it brings comfort to the hearers, it edifies (encourages and builds). Now!, scripture says that the spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God, in the same way, when words that are inspired by the Holy Spirit are spoken, there is a synchrony with our spirit that results in peace over that issue.
The Holy Spirit taught me something significant about prophecies, from scripture, we see in Matt. 8:16-17;Jesus lived everyday on earth fulfilling prophecies. He told me this, when words of prophecy come to you from the Spirit of God, keep it in view (be fully acquainted with the prophecy) and play your own role at making the prophecies get fulfilled. There is a mature way to handle prophecies, when spoken, receive it and ask the Holy Spirit for your own part to play (and play your part if any).You don’t always fold your arms and expect it to just happen. It may not in every case.
For instance, if you receive a word from the Holy Spirit stating;” in a particular location away, you will meet a particular person that will be helpful to you” and then you choose to stay and not go to that location, you might obviously not meet the particular person. Then you have someone say oh! It was not God. Get responsible over prophecies, play your own role if any and have them fulfilled.

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