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Jesus Died, now you have victory

What a great privilege God has given the world.
You see, in the old covenant, the children of Israel asked God to give them laws and they were so sure they would obey them, but it was all to no avail.
The laws given gave power to sin. (Rom. 7:7-8) Wow, what an irony.
God proved to man that no one can attain righteousness by works. Even if you had laws, you will find it difficult to obey them(Rom. 7:15-25). So of what use were the laws anyways…

Now Jesus has gotten us the victory, through His death which was born out of love for the world (Rom. 5:8)… So much love for you and I. For God so loved you and I, He gave His only begotten son (Jesus) to be the down payment for our wrongs, and now for anybody who dares to believe in Him, such one will be made righteous instantly, have power over satan, poverty, sickness, sin and depth. And above all, will have eternal life.
That’s why today, we celebrate the finished work of Christ.
In Christ we have hope, victory over sin and death.
I celebrate you today my beloved friend for the victories you now have in Christ.

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