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Genesis 33: 1-4

The book of Genesis chapter 27 gives us a prelude to the incidence that brought enmity between Esau and Jacob. In the 32nd and 33rd Chapters of Genesis, we see the steps Jacob took to reconcile with his brother. Jacob asked God for help and that God should touch the heart of Esau that he might find grace in his eyes. This provoked more blessings upon Jacob’s life. Many children of God live in hatred and unforgiveness instead of walking in love as God commanded us to. You can’t get God to do things on your own terms. Reconciliation and forgiveness might just be exactly what you need for that desired business exploit. It may be hard, but just let go of the wrong-done to you. It may seem difficult, but just go and ask for forgiveness. It would bring peace and set you up for great exploits in life and business. God bless you.

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