Wake up!!

It’s not and never the end as long as you are alive.
Wake up from that challenge, from that set back. Someone once said that every setback is a setup for a comeback, another thing I know is that every challenge is a set up for a change.
You may have lost money in your business or not gotten rewarded according to your investment, but losing in business doesn’t mean losing business.
That you did not get the right result doesn’t mean you are a failure- it only means you did not do something right. The question is now what then do you do!
Sit down and think, not sit down and complain, know what you did wrong and know how to do right, know how to handle this challenge so as not to end up in it again, make this set back a stepping stone for a strike back… to wake up is not to give up, to wake up is to rise up. Know this- your best days can never be behind you


Are You Truly Living

You don’t die when you stop living…… you die when you stop making impact (no matter how small)
You are a Christian as much as you are a citizen. Jesus said “you are in the world though not of it”. As much as you have a place in heaven, it shouldn’t displace your position on earth. The question is, what do you do in that place?
Wherever you are, what you do makes up for who you are, with your family, at work, at home , with friends….
What impact do you make in your world, your world doesn’t have to be the whole world literally, it is wherever your sphere of influence and capacity can cover. Never look at yourself as too small to make a difference. Jesus made a difference to and in the world. Don’t just be a source for concern, be a source of a smile on that woman’s face, on that little child’s. You don’t have to have so much to do so much; all you need to have is a heart to give. Many Christians are living for themselves. How different are you if you don’t act differently, let your boss at work see you as different, let your teachers at school see you as different, let your society see you as different. Imagine a world without you and imagine a world with you, if there is no difference, you are not living.

What’s the Christian Point?

The point of being a Christian is to be on earth but of heaven. The point of being of heaven is to go to heaven on the last day
Now- the bible clearly states that the deeds of the world would hinder us from going to heaven, being a Christian and acting contrary, what then is the point. The greatest point is this- this world would fade away, but you won’t fade away with it, you’ll just go to the right place
The right place is heaven. The only way to that place is Jesus. The only guide to that place is the Holy Spirit
The only form of action is to act differently… Accept Christ today and you can be sure of a good end. Do you now get the point.


Many believers want more of God’s blessings and open doors; yet they have several open doors before them which they have not entered into. Many people want fresh provision, yet they squander every blessing that comes their way. In Genesis 1:28, we see that God has commanded us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue, but waste is not part of the command. Waste may be in the form of time, money, material resources, food, job opportunities, natural and divine endowments etc. Check your activities carefully and draw up an analysis of how well you have utilized that which God has given you. Can you account for every N1 in the last N10,000 or more you got? Can you boldly say you have totally implemented all the business ideas God has given you? If your answer is NO, then you’ve got some work to do.
From your analysis, draw up a plan to show what you need to do.
Receive grace to diligently maximize every blessing God has given you and begin to work.

Different churches; one BODY

Different churches, referring to the number of denominations and ministries we have worldwide.
We have pastors, ministers, churches, parishes, denominations and all others, but what we have more importantly is ONE BODY, not us’ but Christs’
The spread of the church is necessary for the spread of the gospel and for the coming of the end time but in these days many are moving away from Gods exact plan
We should understand that as much as we have different beliefs, Protestants, Catholics, Pentecostals, etc, what we do have is one faith, one gospel, one Spirit and one God.
One body means one love, one objective, no matter the denomination, no matter the ministry, we all have one objective in Christ. Christianity is not about the church structure or building or about the number of members (though that is relevant), it is not about the personal beliefs of the minister or ministry… NO, it is about CHRIST
He said… I will build MY CHURCH. The church is about bringing people into the body, building and developing the body until the coming of Christ.
Let’s focus on God’s will concerning His Church!!!


I’ve heard it so many times, “education is not end, it is just the means”- but what does this mean.
If we could be taught from school that life is not all about 1+1, osmosis, or elasticity of demand, we would know what it means.
The truth is, education is all about knowledge and knowledge doesn’t end within the four walls of a class room, meaning education, schooling and literacy are three different but related terms.
Education is what you get in school; literacy is the result of education. We have agreed that education ends at some point but knowledge doesn’t. Right from school start planning, right from school try to picture the future you want and evaluate what it would take to get it. It is sad to see undergraduates who don’t have any idea of the world, or graduates who become freshers in the world over again when they graduate.
Start knowing by planning, know what hard work is, what purpose is and what success is all about. This is very important because if you don’t know or get an idea through planning you would know failure by experience.
Education is a good start, but for a great finish… start planning now!

How do you work?

Let’s say you are working, how do you work? And what results do you get?
I’ll just give one tip concerning this issue, develop yourself.
Make what you do become better, do better today, what you did yesterday. Enlarge your capacity; a good way to enlarge your capacity is to increase your knowledge about whatever you are doing. Let’s see this illustration.
A specialized car engineer (or mechanic) would take a shorter time to repair or correct a fault in a car than a local mechanic or apprentice would. Now this is so because he understands his work and this makes him to do it better, but he doesn’t just do it in a short time, he does it better. Now all things being equal, who would you call if your car has a fault? Definitely the specialized one, you respect him more, refer to him more and pay him more. Relate this to yourself, in whatever area you find yourself in, get to the next level, read books, articles, attend training sessions don’t hesitate to learn something new.
Do what you have to do (that is sane)to get what you want, for what i know, what you want won’t come by “wanting”!

How about work and unemployment

You won’t always have “occupation”, but you would always have work. There’s always work to do, but there isn’t always occupation to have.
Idleness is not having work to do, unemployment is not having an occupation. Now if you are idle, it is either you are lazy (you don’t work to do) or you don’t have work to do, but not having work to do doesn’t mean there is no work to do. Stop complaining, it never solves the problem, it only elongates the problem. What we have to do is to think of what is there to do, and think of what we can do.
The word of God says…. “ whatever he does, he shall prosper” Yes, there are some occupations that can be classed as dignified, but there is more dignity in labour, what am I saying, You can’t be fruitful… if you don’t first plant your seed.
So many Christians are missing it… God works miracles so he doesn’t expect you to sit down doing nothing. God would bless the Works of your hand.
So the question is Are You Working?


1 Corinthians 1:25-31

Many people often wonder why they are “weak” in certain areas. For some people, it is money that they just can’t resist it, while for some others it is possibly ladies or guys and so on. For someone else it is seemingly difficult to stop a particular addiction- that is the ability to be fully committed to something being negatively harnessed.
Many have prayed and fasted and it seemed like there’s no result. Just the way you can’t use a spoon as a pen and expect to write properly. (Hosea 4:6) Without the right knowledge, you’ll definitely use every God-given endowment wrongly and it would obviously produce minimal or totally wrong results.
Solomon’s God-given wisdom brought him fame and wealth, but the same God-given wisdom wrongly used brought too many women who led him astray from the ways of God. “Your weakness is actually an area of strength that’s not been put to proper use according to God’s plan.” Allow God’s grace (divine influence) work on your “weakness” and you’ll be amazed at what you get.

Make this utterance – By the grace of God and knowledge, I am strong in every area of my life.

Much Increase

We’ve set in motion some steps to take to prepare you for much increase. I’m certain that when you put them to play, you’ll definitely have great results. But there is more to it. And this more when put to practice will cause many more miracles of increase to keep flowing in.
Now we go into some scriptural truths on how to make for ceaseless increase. Let’s look through some;
Tithing – this is simply giving God 10% of your income or the profits of your business also.
Based on this practice, from scripture you’ll have multiple blessings that you won’t be able to contain, the security of the works of your hand is equally guaranteed and people will definitely see you and call you blessed. Mal. 3:10-12

Giving – when you do, God will make all grace abound towards you that you’ll have sufficiency in all things. This means you will be blessed to the point that you can always meet needs. (and it’s interesting to know that you’ll also be able to meet the needs of others, not just yours) 2 Cor. 9:8.
Let me make it clear, any man that gives will receive, and I mean any man, whether he is a Christian or otherwise. The principle of sowing and reaping is so constant and does not depend on nor respect any person. – Gen. 8:22. You’d only do yourself some good by putting this to practice.

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