Daily Archives: March 23, 2013

Wake up!!

It’s not and never the end as long as you are alive.
Wake up from that challenge, from that set back. Someone once said that every setback is a setup for a comeback, another thing I know is that every challenge is a set up for a change.
You may have lost money in your business or not gotten rewarded according to your investment, but losing in business doesn’t mean losing business.
That you did not get the right result doesn’t mean you are a failure- it only means you did not do something right. The question is now what then do you do!
Sit down and think, not sit down and complain, know what you did wrong and know how to do right, know how to handle this challenge so as not to end up in it again, make this set back a stepping stone for a strike back… to wake up is not to give up, to wake up is to rise up. Know this- your best days can never be behind you

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