Are You Truly Living

You don’t die when you stop living…… you die when you stop making impact (no matter how small)
You are a Christian as much as you are a citizen. Jesus said “you are in the world though not of it”. As much as you have a place in heaven, it shouldn’t displace your position on earth. The question is, what do you do in that place?
Wherever you are, what you do makes up for who you are, with your family, at work, at home , with friends….
What impact do you make in your world, your world doesn’t have to be the whole world literally, it is wherever your sphere of influence and capacity can cover. Never look at yourself as too small to make a difference. Jesus made a difference to and in the world. Don’t just be a source for concern, be a source of a smile on that woman’s face, on that little child’s. You don’t have to have so much to do so much; all you need to have is a heart to give. Many Christians are living for themselves. How different are you if you don’t act differently, let your boss at work see you as different, let your teachers at school see you as different, let your society see you as different. Imagine a world without you and imagine a world with you, if there is no difference, you are not living.


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