I’ve heard it so many times, “education is not end, it is just the means”- but what does this mean.
If we could be taught from school that life is not all about 1+1, osmosis, or elasticity of demand, we would know what it means.
The truth is, education is all about knowledge and knowledge doesn’t end within the four walls of a class room, meaning education, schooling and literacy are three different but related terms.
Education is what you get in school; literacy is the result of education. We have agreed that education ends at some point but knowledge doesn’t. Right from school start planning, right from school try to picture the future you want and evaluate what it would take to get it. It is sad to see undergraduates who don’t have any idea of the world, or graduates who become freshers in the world over again when they graduate.
Start knowing by planning, know what hard work is, what purpose is and what success is all about. This is very important because if you don’t know or get an idea through planning you would know failure by experience.
Education is a good start, but for a great finish… start planning now!


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