How do you work?

Let’s say you are working, how do you work? And what results do you get?
I’ll just give one tip concerning this issue, develop yourself.
Make what you do become better, do better today, what you did yesterday. Enlarge your capacity; a good way to enlarge your capacity is to increase your knowledge about whatever you are doing. Let’s see this illustration.
A specialized car engineer (or mechanic) would take a shorter time to repair or correct a fault in a car than a local mechanic or apprentice would. Now this is so because he understands his work and this makes him to do it better, but he doesn’t just do it in a short time, he does it better. Now all things being equal, who would you call if your car has a fault? Definitely the specialized one, you respect him more, refer to him more and pay him more. Relate this to yourself, in whatever area you find yourself in, get to the next level, read books, articles, attend training sessions don’t hesitate to learn something new.
Do what you have to do (that is sane)to get what you want, for what i know, what you want won’t come by “wanting”!


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