How about work and unemployment

You won’t always have “occupation”, but you would always have work. There’s always work to do, but there isn’t always occupation to have.
Idleness is not having work to do, unemployment is not having an occupation. Now if you are idle, it is either you are lazy (you don’t work to do) or you don’t have work to do, but not having work to do doesn’t mean there is no work to do. Stop complaining, it never solves the problem, it only elongates the problem. What we have to do is to think of what is there to do, and think of what we can do.
The word of God says…. “ whatever he does, he shall prosper” Yes, there are some occupations that can be classed as dignified, but there is more dignity in labour, what am I saying, You can’t be fruitful… if you don’t first plant your seed.
So many Christians are missing it… God works miracles so he doesn’t expect you to sit down doing nothing. God would bless the Works of your hand.
So the question is Are You Working?


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