Much Increase

We’ve set in motion some steps to take to prepare you for much increase. I’m certain that when you put them to play, you’ll definitely have great results. But there is more to it. And this more when put to practice will cause many more miracles of increase to keep flowing in.
Now we go into some scriptural truths on how to make for ceaseless increase. Let’s look through some;
Tithing – this is simply giving God 10% of your income or the profits of your business also.
Based on this practice, from scripture you’ll have multiple blessings that you won’t be able to contain, the security of the works of your hand is equally guaranteed and people will definitely see you and call you blessed. Mal. 3:10-12

Giving – when you do, God will make all grace abound towards you that you’ll have sufficiency in all things. This means you will be blessed to the point that you can always meet needs. (and it’s interesting to know that you’ll also be able to meet the needs of others, not just yours) 2 Cor. 9:8.
Let me make it clear, any man that gives will receive, and I mean any man, whether he is a Christian or otherwise. The principle of sowing and reaping is so constant and does not depend on nor respect any person. – Gen. 8:22. You’d only do yourself some good by putting this to practice.


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