Prepare for much Increase – 2

So we continue to explore more facts

We have established that first of all you need to know and believe that God is with you and He delights in your prosperity.

From scriptures, (Rom. 10:10) – “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”.

This scripture points us to the second point which is
‘Confessing what you believe’
Now you know He wants you to prosper, then say it. Speak words like – I prosper because God is with me by His Holy Spirit; I’ve been favored to prosper; My path is that of consistent progress; the works of my hands are blessed unto prosperity…
When you keep on making confessions as these, it would get to a point where prosperity will dawn on you. At this point, it will only be normal for your whole being to respond in light of being prosperous.

No man wants to be poor, I’ve just shown you a way to consciously chart your course unto prosperity.
Stay on board for more as we keep exploring more facts and secrets.


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