Financial Expansion series; The First Fruit Principle (pt 2)

“OF ALL THINE INCREASE” – The first fruit principle is a guided one, it says of all thine increase. Now this answers a question that says, if I keep on giving all I have every time as first fruit, then what will I have OR I give my first fruit offering every first month of the year and that’s it. Well from Proverbs 3:9, it says of all thine increase, meaning as long as you have any increase whatsoever, there should be a first fruit offering unto God in all the areas where you experience an increase. It’s equally good to note that the increase will definitely keep on coming.
For instance how can I get my first fruit calculations right, If you have
2000 in month 1, then that’s your first fruit.
In month 2, you now have 4000, then you increased by 2000 and that’s your first fruit for the second month.
In month 3, you now have 10000, then you increased by 6000 and that’s your first fruit for the third month. And it goes on and on like that.
As it is also wonderful to note the benefits of this principle, and it states; “So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine”. Meaning, you would have enough in your store house, and even receive new ideas on how to navigate through your business or whatever you do to increase and become more profitable.


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