Start that idea

The story of Noah’s response to God’s instruction about building an ark is worth learning from.
God instructed Noah to build an ark, and gave him the specifications that were required for the ark. Imagine, it hadn’t rained on the earth for a period. Noah became the mockery of the town, because they just couldn’t see any sense in building an ark when there hadn’t been rain for a while. But he went on all the same and obeyed, he and his family were the better for it as they enjoyed safety from destruction due to the flood.
What should we learn?
– You can get an idea from God and at first the likelihood of that idea becoming a reality might be very little and even at that you might feel discouraged. What do you do then, you START! Initiate the execution of that idea, don’t look at the impossibility, as long as that idea has been conceived within you, it can become a reality if you want it to.
– The people made mockery of Noah because they couldn’t see what he saw, you shouldn’t expect everybody around you to see what you are seeing, therefore don’t be deterred by the negative things people see or say about your idea.
You’ll definitely be the better for it when that idea doesn’t die with you. And you can be sure that those that made a mockery of the idea initially will celebrate you when they see it working.
Start now, stop any procrastination and making of excuses.


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