It’s so wonderful to know that any man that has the Holy Spirit living in him is guaranteed a master key to prosperity.
The Holy Spirit is the seal of prosperity.
The Holy Spirit is the very presence of God. He is the omnipresent nature of God. Looking through scriptures, from 2 Samuel 6:10-11, we see the story of a man called Obededom the Gittite. At first he was not really reckoned with in Israel, but something happened that changed his life forever. The ark of the Lord (which signified God’s presence) was brought into his house, and in no time, a blessing of prosperity began to manifest in his house and all that pertained to him. The news spread all over Israel, his story immediately changed for good.
Therefore I assure you, once you have the Spirit of God within you, you have the sure guarantee of prospering whether you like it or not. Be conscious of this!


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  1. Wow!
    This means I’ve had all it takes to prosper all the while.
    Now I’m awakened to this truth

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