Some time ago, I had fasted for a while and it appeared as though I looked so lean and emaciated. I bothered a little because when I got back home everybody was so concerned. In fact they taught I was sick.
I took this up considering it as an urgent issue because I really wanted to get back in shape as quick as possible to end their worries at home. So while I was praying, the Holy Ghost ministered to me from Romans 8:11, and laid emphasis on “MORTAL BODY” as meaning physical body. There and then I became conscious to the fact that the presence of the Holy Spirit in me would lead to a supernatural effect on my physical body. I was so glad I had found the secret; I kept confessing “I am fresh because the Holy Spirit is in me” and in no time, within few days I was looking so fresh.
By this secret, I became aware that even if I fasted for so long for instance, people won’t have to detect that from looking at me because it won’t show on me.
The Holy Spirit in you is your guarantee to sound health and a quickened body!


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  1. Hmm…. Word! I love u H.S!

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