God’s Word; A Seed

God’s word is a seed,it contains a revelation.
When a seed is planted and not nurtured, it becomes a dead plant. Daily nurturing of the seed produces bountiful (prosperous) harvest. This is the same thing with God’s word. The nurturing of God’s word inside of you brings prosperity of the word, and when I say nurture I mean daily study, active meditation, observing to do and practicing of the word.
A seed can only produce bountiful harvest when it is nurtured. When you nurture God’s word in you, it will bring bountiful harvest and when your harvest is bountiful, Prosperity is inevitable.


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  1. Like the seeds have to be taken care off? The plants nurtured to grow. We, to be able to grow spiritually, we also do have to give water to our soul every day, by going into the Word of God.
    To be able to understand it fully and to let it nurture you, you have to put away human dogma’s and listen to the Word of God like it is really written down in the 66 Books, assembled in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

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