Mark 12; 28-30, tells of a conversation between Jesus and the scribes. Jesus was asked’ “which is the first commandment of all?” and in vs. 30, he answered thou shall love the lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength. i.e. our love for God should reflect in our thoughts and actions. He then said we should love our neighbour as ourselves.
In order to prosper in love therefore, we need to understand the characteristics of love, what exactly does love entail. From 1corinthians 13:1-2 tells us that love is not in speaking in tongues, or prophesying, it is not even in Faith. Verse 3 tells us that we can show love, but if we don’t truly have love, our actions would profit us nothing. From vs. 5-8, we see what love is; love suffers long, love is kind, it envies not, love is not proud, it is not selfish, it does not rejoice in iniquity, it beareth, believeth, hopeth, and endureth all things, it never fails.
Verse 13 goes on to say that of faith, hope and love, love is the greatest.
Love is forgiving, as a matter of fact, love forgives us before we even think of sinning. Love reaches down to you when you are at a very low place. Love is not bothered or ashamed to help when we do something wrong while everyone is judging and condemning us. Love forgives an adulterous woman who is about to be stoned to death. Love goes all out in search of one man/woman even when it has thousands at its disposal. Love wraps its arms around you when you come back as prodigal sons/daughters. Love is ever willing to reach out to you even when you’re looking elsewhere for help.
Love is patient, even when you promise to meet by 5 and at 6:30 you’ve not shown up.
Love is not envious, when someone you are better than has something you’ve been asking God to give you for years.
Love is not selfish, when someone asks you for something that’s not even enough for you.
Love does not rejoice when a “hater” has just lost a love one.
Love sacrifices its only child for a world that barely knows him, a people that disregard, and do the very things it hates.
Love is deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains.
Love is God and God is love.
To prosper therefore, we must love God because he controls the very essence of our lives. We must also at least catch a glimpse of the depth of God’s love for us as this is the basis for prosperous living.


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