Daily Archives: October 10, 2012


There is this popular saying, “no food for lazy man”, and it is not far from the truth.
Gen 2:15- God put man in the Garden of Eden to WORK it.
The same God that had said “Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill the earth”-Gen 2:28, wouldn’t it seem that God was contradicting himself. Adam was to work the Garden and yet fill the earth (to fill the earth you have to leave the Garden), But God Almighty knew what His plan was, and for that plan to manifest Adam had to DO SOMETHING!!! – When does “doing something” lead to expansion?- when you do it diligently.
The bible states clearly that such a person stands before Kings, meaning that the person would not remain at the bottom but would continue to rise and increase.
Whatever work you do or get involved in, do it diligently, not despising the little ones because you don’t know which would be an open door for you.
David wasn’t idle, but a diligent shepherd, and out of that, he didn’t only stand before a king, he became a king himself Just like another popular saying “whatever is worth doing, is worth doing WELL”
You want to get to a better position, work better in your present position, remember he that is faithful in the least, would be faithful with much.

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