(GOD said) “Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill the earth”-Gen 2:28
Expansion is not just a human desire, it is a kingdom directive. Given to Adam in the old dispensation, and given to the disciples by Jesus in the new one.- “ you would be My witness……to the ends of the earth”-Acts 1:8
As a kingdom directive, it is necessary for every believer, because your expansion indirectly means the expansion of the kingdom.
When God opens a door for You, he doesn’t just have you in mind, but the opportunity you would have to touch lives and bring them to the kingdom of light. And if you utilize this opportunity, He would open many more doors.
Completely zeroing attention on “You” is total disregard for the will of God.
Let your light so shine, so that as your light shines brighter and brighter, more Glory is given to God.
As believers, sold out to Christ, our success is not just our success, our expansion is not just our expansion, directly or indirectly, our life is for the kingdom, not just when we get to heaven, but here on earth.
The moment you have God in mind, he would always have you in mind…. An easy way to get blessed!!


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