Read, Study, Meditate

Gen 1 :1-3-“paraphrased” in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, it was formless, the Spirit of God moved across the deep.”
The Holy Spirit moved- Brooded, stirred the face of the waters.

Read the word- and get the truth of God, Study the word and get a better, in-depth and wider understanding, Meditate on the word and receive a revelation of God’s will.
These three levels of fellowship with the word can and most times are fused together. You cannot meditate without studying, neither can you study without reading.

Study of the word creates an atmosphere for illumination of what you have read, it is at this point that you begin to get beyond the surface of the word.
Meditation causes you to ponder on the truth, at this point you release yourself (spirit) for Gods spirit to move, brood( as He is the Spirit of wisdom), when he does, total illumination burst forth, just as a light bulb in a dark room…………that is when we say RHEMA.
Because God said “let there be Light”

Don’t let your fellowship with the Word end at the surface, let the Holy Ghost brood over your spirit daily, when this occurs, your faith increases, Grace grows, Intimacy with God flows, prayer is developed and this finally shows off in other aspects of your life

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  1. Ukegbu Michael

    This is really educating. I will consciously apply what I have learnt. I am blessed by this post. God bless the author

  2. Intimacy with God enjoyed in meditation…
    Beautifully spoken brother; you’re blessed

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